How It Works Timeline

  1. After Open Home

    After Open Home

    Commissioning Report

    Prospective buyer looks up the property here at AuctionReady. Normal price of a Building Report is $700, but via us, max price for them is $675. They choose an inspector and commission the report.

  2. Later that day

    Later that day

    Confirming Booking

    The inspector has to arrange a day to visit the property before they can confirm the booking. When they do, they let us know and we you.

    The inspection is confirmed.

  3. Next Day

    Next Day

    Another buyer!

    A second buyer looks up the same property here on AuctionReady. Because there is a report already pending, our cost splitting system kicks in. Their max price is $400.

  4. Before inspection

    In the few days before inspection

    Three more buyers!

    In the period before the inspection, three more buyers have visited the site and purchased the report. The max price keeps reducing for each buyer but note that the final price for all buyers, including previous buyers, reduces after each purchase.

  5. Inspection Day

    Inspection Day

    Inspection Completed

    The inspector visits the property and writes up the report. They create a separate copy for each buyer with their name on it and email it out to them.

  6. Two days out from auction

    Two days before auction


    Another two buyers purchase a report. The inspector only needs to put the buyer's name on each report on and email it, so turnaround is quick.

  7. Auction Day!

    Auction Day!

    Close off

    AuctionReady stops selling reports for the property. It calculates the final price per buyer based on the final number of buyers and issues partial refunds to earlier buyers accordingly.

    The first buyer keeps their $25 first-buyer discount, so is refunded $380: final price for them $270, a saving of $430*.

    All other buyers have the same final price: $295, a saving of over $400*.

Max Price

AuctionReady uses dynamic pricing** which adjusts down as the number of buyers increases. We call the current price "max price".

*Prices shown are rough indications only and not actual price examples.

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